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PELA Systems was founded in 2013 by Peter Lashbrook, the original PELAmesh designer.

Since the late 90's, Peter has been working alongside law enforcement and civilian organisations to provide monitoring and alerting solutions in harsh & remote environments.

Today, PELA Systems engages with Defence, Civil Contingency & Utility organisations to provide accurate data in remote and harsh environments.

PELA Systems innovates and we continue to push the boundaries of technology to discover new and improved means to overcome the threat to life posed by hazardous situations.

PELA Systems designs, develops, and manufactures its range of products in the United Kingdom and from quality assured components.


- Remove human operators from danger.

- Enhance situational awareness.

- Empower operators through data.


Our solutions increase situational awareness and response capability while enabling operators to work at safer distances.


PELA Systems has a range of devices designed to assist humanitarian operations and environmental protection organisations.


We recognise our devices can reduce the danger to defence, security, civilian and aid workers.  We are engaging with these groups to provide them with frontline support.



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Our patented design is at the core of every PELA Systems manufactured product. 

The PELAmesh design is not about any single factor but answers a holistic challenge operators face in harsh or hazardous environments:

- advanced telemetry

- portability

- power consumption 

PELAmesh harnesses all these through a range of man-portable, UGV and UAV devices.

PELA Systems brings a wide range of  platforms and sensor agnostic devices 

that are specifically designed to operate within the most hazardous areas. 


Our range continues to grow, as we add innovative new elements and products to our line-up.

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