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At PELA Systems, we focus on live data, not scenarios.  Across a wide range of sectors, PELAmesh devices are providing networked sensor integration for the first time.  Whether assessing soil moisture or the concentration of a radioactive substance, PELAmesh is versatile and precise.

PELAmesh delivers live data sensors across your operational area, including cordons and safe areas.


PELAmesh products are sensor agnostic – taking the data output from multiple sensors, allowing users to visualise and interact with data remotely, this includes alarms and changes in conditions.

PELAmesh has a proven heritage in defence, security & civilian applications, and can improve the safety and security of:

- Sea ports

- Airports

- Underground networks

- Buildings - Government and civilian

- National infrastructure

- Operational areas, such as events and concerts

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"PELAmesh can save lives. That's a driving force behind our work."

Peter Lashbrook, Founder


At PELA Systems, our experience of sensors and telemetry spans over 15-years, specialising in field-based data gathering and transmission.

Our experience with sensors and the integration required has enabled us to create and manufacture our Patented design. However applied, this enables us to provide live data for informed decisions to be made by viewing all available instruments at a single source. 


Merging the data from various sensors with live meteorological data takes scene assessment to a new level.  Especially in a field portable, rugged and adaptable design, as with all PELAmesh devices.

Establishing an effective scene perimeter, along with obtaining live data from the substance on-scene is a critical requirement – a feature PELAmesh excels at delivering.

PELAmesh is not all about CBRN, or scene assessment. 

Our devices cover a wide range of applications in everyday commercial, civilian and disaster management roles;

- River flow monitoring                        - Movement detection

- Smoke detection                               - Sampling (soil, air, etc)

- Seismic monitoring                           - Meteorological monitoring

                                                               (rain, wind, temperature, pressure)

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