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Tactical Communication

PELA Systems is a leading provider of mission critical communication devices, components and systems across a broad range of markets. 

Our solutions cover both data and voice transmission, working with major carriers and manufacturers to ensure connectivity is rapid, safe and dependable.

Our markets

  • Security & events

  • Transport

  • National infrastructure

  • Contractors

  • Motorsport

  • Medical

  • Agriculture & estates

PELA Systems offers Tactical Communication solutions to meet demanding requirements across various sectors.

Image by Steve Halama
UK Police man community safe TP9400 - Ta

Our solutions

PELA Systems solutions ensure optimal performance and suitability to any chosen application.

Whether deploying a PELAmesh TACCOM platform, or a solution from one of the manufacturers who share our technical understanding and capability; PELA Systems ensure every depolyed solution exceeds expectation.

Key areas:

  • Cellular data communication (2G/3G/4G)

  • Satellite communication - data & voice

  • DMR - platform, deployment & device

  • Cellular PTT solution

Cellular PTT

Our drive to deliver resilient, adaptable communication has been realised in one of our prime solutions - PELA-PTT.

Developed with the growing demand for secure, flexible communcation at it's core; PELA-PTT sees operators able to use existing cellular and wireless communication networks to deploy an enterprise-grade, secure communication network. 

Click here to visit our dedicated PELA-PTT page and learn more about the future of voice communication.

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