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Scene Assessment

The scene of any incident presents unknown hazards. 

The need to protect our first responders, along with public

has never been greater.

At PELA Systems, we take this seriously, providing:

  • Real-time data capture and management

  • Unmanned device deployment

  • Communication infrastructure

  • Consultancy

  • Training

  • Sensors

  • Response

What is Scene Assessment?

It is instinct that when we come across an incident, or arrive on-scene, we want to deploy as quickly as possible and help.  In some circumstances this is even preferable - such as setting up instrumentation, launching a UAV or setting up a surveillance position can take time.

Our Emergency Services are trained to assess and plan before proceeding to the scene of an incident.  While various methods are used, our PELAmesh range offers a truly holistic solution, enabling instrumentation, visual and communication protocols to be incorporated.  Combined with PELAmesh's rapid deployment and portability, the ability to assess with detailed knowledge and live data is now possible.


Our PELAmesh devices offer First Responders and specialists previously unavailable access to sensor data, enabling them to remotely assess hazardous scenes before deploying human resources

Combined with powerful unmanned platforms, PELAmesh can empower First Responders with live data, allowing real-time decisions to be made.

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