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CBRN Sensor integration
(Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear)

CBRN incidents are a constant threat and often not terror related or deliberate.  We must be prepared and able to act, but protect our First Reponders and the public from harm.  PELA Systems provides a rapid response capability to meet the threats and to save lives. 

Introducing PELAmesh


PELAmesh is the future of CBRN detection and monitoring. PELAmesh integrates two critical aspects of information management – processing & communication

Using our patented technology, data is instantly processed and transmitted via our unique combination:


- hardware

- encryption

- software


Delivering live data to the operator via a visual display.

In recent years, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) has become widely known through a series of high-profile events.  But CBRN incidents occur on a daily basis across the world in various non-deliberate states:

- Chemical fires

- Spillages

- Biological incidents

- Radiological threats

Designed to be highly portable and resilient, PELAmesh products are:


  • Rugged (meeting IP68 & MIL-810G)

  • Lightweight, easily carried by one operator

  • Multi-role, capable of operation across various environments

  • Sensor agnostic, vast range of sensors already compatible, including those from: Smith's Detection, Bruker, Gill, FT Technologies & FLIR.

  • Battery powered, with wide range of external source options to extend durability

The PELAmesh range includes:

Commander - Our primary Command & Control product, featuring advanced telemetry, scalable processing capability and robust connectivity.

Can - Our lightweight, portable instrument connection.

Rova - Our dedicated CBRN unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

Copter - Our unique CBRN & situational awareness UAV platform.

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