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Agriculture & Environment

Sensors play an increasing role in farming and protecting our environment. Whether monitoring soil moisture or atmospheric nitrogen, it is essential to agronomists, farmers, scientists, students & all who play a part in monitoring our environment and farms.

The role of PELAmesh


PELAmesh started life as a tool for the security and monitoring of a prestigious aquatic estate in Hampshire. This expanded to include farm equipment and land, supporting Farmwatch and a regional campaign to secure essential equipment.


In the early 2000's we were combining cutting-edge GSM and wireless technology with depth gauges in diesel tanks, farm gates and machinery to alert owners through quick, efficient and simple alarms.


The technology developed to include video, motion tracking and more web-based logging, before we starting becoming involved in more specific areas of sensor integration.


Using our patented technology, data is instantly processed and transmitted

The PELAmesh range includes:

Commander - Our primary Command & Control product, featuring advanced telemetry, scalable processing capability and robust connectivity.

Can - Our lightweight, portable instrument connection.

Rova - Our dedicated CBRN unmanned ground vehicle (UGV).

Copter - Our unique CBRN & situational awareness UAV platform.

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