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DSEI 2023 round-up

DSEI took place at the ExCel in London last month with record numbers of visitors reported over several days. This was noticeable in the queues for food and drink, or was it the cordoned off empty seating areas reserved for meetings? The vast delegation dining area created some wonderful aromas at times! The format of the event was different this year, with an increased online presence but with informal networking & meeting areas subject to additional fees, many took to hosting meetings off-site in nearby venues.

Several members of our team visited for the week with a packed schedule of meetings and engagements with colleagues, old and new, from across our sector, and the world. The exhibition was also a great opportunity for in-person discussion with several international partners with whom we collaborate on projects. There were networking opportunities each day, with evening functions each night. It’s a full-on week of networking and discussion.

We particularly enjoyed seeing BattleLab and the British Army Futures work being fully represented. Each day, the area was saturated with uniforms and various delegations. Being a participant in the Army Warfighting Experiment, it was good to see this on the screens of revolving projects.

Hundreds of products were on display, from planes and tanks to electronic switches and cable assemblies. In recent years the event has switched from pure weapon platforms to embrace more technology and defensive capabilities than before. The week was full of excitement and the international pavilions didn’t disappoint. The Canadian and US companies exhibiting in their respective areas were particularly friendly and engaging. Of course, DSEI took place while the ExCel is being extended begs the question ‘can DSEI become even bigger?’.

During the week, we met with:

35 Industry partners 11 International delegations 8 government delegations 5 new integration projects


1 transatlantic distribution agreement

During DSEI, PELA Systems and M2DCON signed a distribution agreement making the PELAmesh range available and supported by M2DCON throughout the US. See separate press release for more information.

DSEI is next scheduled to take place 9 – 12 September 2025.

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