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PELAmesh - world-leading sensor fusion is here.

Portable, rugged and sensor agnostic, PELAmesh is our flagship detector integration network enhancing situational awareness and saving lives.



Our mission is simple - to protect and inform, in some of the most remote & challenging environments. From humble roots in conservation & law enforcement, during the past decade we've advised and supplied Government agencies and armed forces across the globe.

PELA Systems design and build all our hardware and software solutions in the UK. Our Patented PELAmesh range enables operators in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & explosives (CBRNe) and Hazmat situations to access the most reliable and varied data sources possible, enhancing situational awareness & enabling operators to utilise uncrewed systems more effectively.

UK CBRN forces
Defence & CBRN

Do you need to modernise your detectors? You want to network detectors into one view, no matter the brand? You need real-time visual data from detectors?

From Force Protection to live agent detection and recconasance, no matter the detector, we have it covered.
Image by Craige McGonigle
Critical National Infrastructure & Transport hubs

Each day, millions of people pass through airports and rail stations. Enhancing air monitoring and detection in these environments can save lives and inform agencies instantly.

Water supplies, buildings and critical infrastructure need constant monitoring. This layer of protection can detect unwanted changes, whether deliberate or accidental.
Image by Andy Falconer
First Responders & Civil Contingency

Responding to hazardous incidents is challenging enough. Using PELAmesh, first responders have access to live detector data, with accurate positional mapping & simple interface.

Whether fighting wildfires, chemical spillages or floods, harness your on-scene data with PELAmesh.
Conservation & Agriculture

At our core; monitoring conditions, soil and water for unwanted pests, chemicals and substances enables informed decisions.

Protecting forests and wildlife from poaching and illegal activity requires monitoring in some of the most remote and harsh locations. Networking detectors capable of alerting rangers and capturing evidence takes a robust platform capable of covering vast areas.



  • Quickly depolyable

  • Simple to operate

  • Sensor agnostic

  • Fully encrypted

  • Ruggedized to exceed IP69 & STD-810H

  • Multi-role

The PELAmesh Commander and PELAcan is field-deployable in minutes, receiving live data from sensors and transmitting to Commander a few metres, or many miles away.  PELAmesh Commander contains the necessary hardware to store, process and re-transmit data to specialists hundreds of miles away.

PELAmesh products have already seen service with:

- Overseas Military agencies

- System Integrators

- Civilian agencies

- Private companies



PELAmesh™ has been selected to participate in the British Army’s 2023 Army Warfighting Experiment. The experiment focuses on bringing new and upcoming capabilities to the hands of operators who will use the equipment.

Representing the CBRN category, PELAmesh™ will demonstrate sensor fusion for wide area recon and detection. Follow #AWE23 and @pelasystems on social media for updates.

DSEI, one of the largest international defence and security exhibitions takes place from 12-15 September. Working with our partners we will be showcasing PELAmesh and with several international and UK delegations already scheduled it's looking to be an exciting event.

Keep an eye on social media for updates @pelasystems #PELAmesh

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