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Portable sensor fusion

Portable sensor fusion

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Welcome to PELA Systems - Home of PELAmesh, sensor fusion and remote sensing platforms.

Serving a wide-range of markets, PELAmesh products are developed & manufactured in the UK.

Defence & CBRN
UK CBRN forces
First Responders & Civil Contingency
Image by Andy Falconer
Infrastructure & Transport Hubs
Image by Craige McGonigle
Agriculture & Environment

Using PELAmesh

  • Quickly depolyable

  • Simple to operate

  • Extensive telemetry coverage

  • Rapid access to acurate sensor data

  • Rugged & highly portable

  • Multi-role

PELAmesh Commander and PELAcan is field-deployable in minutes, receiving live data from sensors and transmitting to Commander a few metres, or many miles away.  PELAmesh Commander contains the necessary hardware to store, process and re-transmit data to specialists hundreds of miles away.

PELAmesh products have already seen service with:

- Overseas Military agencies

- System Integrators

- Civilian agencies

- Private companies

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